Luna Ray and Luna Lux Sentenced Part 1
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Luna Ray and Luna Lux both face their sentencing and find out how long they are going to have to go to jail for. An officer comes to apply transport chains to transfer these new inmates to jail. Come see this part 1 now!

Latest Comments
  • smilzo83_240cf
    Luna Ray seems to be looking forward to spending time in jail !!!
  • 597406055_33d37
    ot bad, but how about some waist chains with handcuffs behind?

  • can't wait for the Luna strip search - also, the waste chain extra chain should be wrapped around their backs and padlocked
  • KiraAnn
    You can also come see Luna Ray this Sunday on the live show at!
  • imungarro_7_65686
    Love the new model Luna Ray can you do more videos with her?
  • karn_c35ab
    Not bad, but how about some waist chains with handcuffs behind?

  • Very good start. Good combo of chains. Again, looking forward to seeing newbie Luna Ray get the treatment.
  • admin
    Audio is fixed sorry about that!

  • Confirming Chr9981. I hope it's fixed soon! I'm excited about seeing this new babe getting strip searched and locked up!
  • Chr9981
    There is no sound
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