Luna and Charlotte Court Arrest Part 2
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Luna and Charlotte are back at the station and have begun processing. Charlotte is up first for her shower. Come see the final part of this series!

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  • Loved was great. I love the shower part aof the strip serasch process. SUGGESTION: Why not add to this by letting them shave in the shower under the guard's supervision and instruction. To make it go fast, thye could just shave their underarms (guard theelign them to raise their right arm and shave, then the left, etc.) and they could add to the sequence that way. The logic is for security as they do not want they hiding anything under there, hence the shave so they guards can be sure nothing is there. IT WOULD BE HOT.
  • smilzo83_240cf
    tops, these girls in the shower and jumpsuit

  • At last we get to see Charlotte take a shower! I'm not sure if Luna has before. Very good despite the rough editing on the last cuffing scene.
  • karn_c35ab
    Please give us more than just a few seconds of Charlotte naked and cuffed behind the back!

  • The video does not play
  • Chr9981
    The video did not upload properly
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