Loud Prisoner Part 1
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Mackenzi is having a fight with her boyfriend on the phone and seems to be disturbing some people. Officer Lisa comes to see what is going on and is met with some hostility. Come see what happens in this part 1 now!

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  • Mackenzie is great at acting. Hands down she is one of my favorites. I would still like to see Mackenzie palms faced outwards when being handcuffed. Other than that, always great videos. Cheers.

  • Good to see Mackenzi again. I wasn't sure if I liked her darker hair at first but it grew on me. I like it now. Looking forward to the next parts.

  • Definitely keep the Lisa vids comin

  • Awesome video like the pat down and detain. I would have shackled her or put the a different type of leg restraint on her to prevent kicking and a spit mask awesome job on the clothing. She doesn't look like retarded. Hate when the girls are half dressed
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