Lonna Manson Gets Arrested Pt 1
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Officer Ava Slick drives up to a suspicious looking vehicle and calls it into the station, letting them know she’s going to check it out.
Lonna Manson is in the other vehicle, waiting for someone to meet up with her.
Officer Slick runs her information and quickly comes to realize that she is driving a stolen car and she arrests Lonna with no time to spare.

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  • I love how she pulled the gun out on Lonna!!! I wanna see more of officer Ava like that was hot!!!!!

  • Ava is so fucking hot.

  • I agree with palmout, i really like lisa she feels like confident and good at cuffing. Hope we will see lisa again and I wish ava could do the same

  • ava is such a great model. great cop and great prisoner. Mia and her are good cops but I wish they cuffed a bit tighter and quicker like lisa does it. do a training video for them?

  • I like the video, I do but when it comes to hands up or hands behind the head it would be nice to see their front & not just their back
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