Lo V Arrested by Officer Lisa Part 3
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Lo Valentine has to go see the judge to see what her sentence will be for breaking parole and her new charges. Come see Officer Lisa plead her case in the last part of this series!

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  • admin
    @magalardo correct the judge in this video is KiraAnn our Videographer
  • ronaldb8179_edcbc
    @magalardo_0d4a4 Ok. I was wondering if it was one of the other models.

  • @ronald If I'm not mistaken, I believe that is the voice of their videographer.
  • ronaldb8179_edcbc
    Yes, good dialog. Court scene is unrealistic, but such are the Prisonteens court scenes. As I've said many times before, Lo is gifted to be able to play cop or crook equally well and very well. BTW, who was the voice of the judge?

  • Great series. Love the back and forth between Lo and Lisa. Lo looks great as always. Hands down my favorite model here!
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