Lo Arrested Part 2
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Officer Jackie Jupiter, Officer Persephone, and inmate Lo are all back at the station getting Lo processed in. She is forced to strip down and put on the prisoner striped jumpsuit. She is put into a cell and later questioned. Come see what happens in this Part 2 of 3!

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  • Jailfan
    It's a good video, but why was she allowed to keep her socks on? She should have to take her socks off and go in bare feet like the other inmates.
  • cuffedgirl_15741
    Please get more videos for this girl, thanks. She is very attractive. Can we see the third part of her film?
  • chenxju_e9914
    Please get more videos for this girl, thanks.
  • KiraAnn
  • daniel_mang_4bb52
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