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Who all would be interested if we did live cam shows? Maybe prisoner locked up in the cell live. Would be much cheaper than our Skype shows since we can have many members watching at once and help pay for the model. Could cover many fetishes too
-prison jumpsuit
-bare feet

Please tell me your ideas. If we did it probably would schedule a week in advance and advertise the date and time, for a small affordable fee would be able to watch live. Skype shows we sell for $275, Live cam we could probably get it down to $25-$50 depending on how many people are interested

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  • admin
    Thanks for all the comments. The cam could be private if you pay for a private session or a group session. We are building a sister site that will include of course some prison theme, rope bondage, ziptie bondage, handcuff bondage. We will have a prison cam that we will do a few times a month. Not sure how long or often it would last, just depends on how many of you all are interested in it and willing to help pay to have a prisoner model locked up
  • admin
    thanks for all the comments. The

  • Great idea, let's make it happen

  • Live cam is a good idea

  • How exactly would the live cam work? I assume it wouldn't be private. Would all who participate be able to make requests? How long would it last?

  • Yes
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