Liv and Daisy Busted Part 3
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It’s Daisy’s turn for a jumpsuit. She is forced to strip and change into her new outfit. She is then handcuffed behind with high security transport chains and leg shackles. Her partner in crime is brought out of the cell and they are cuffed together. Come see what happens and watch the final part of this video series!

Latest Comments
  • Abcdefg
    Officer Lisa is the best.
  • marcogg
    good, yes. better searching and chaining
  • inmate1
    Is there some you could buy a 1080p version (like older clips). Better quality. Thanks
  • inmate1
    By far the best clip yet. Great uniforms. Shackled together. Love the close ups of cuffs and uniforms. I prefer the girls in inmate shoes but great work.
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