Lisa and Ava get Busted By Officer Kelsie PT 3
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It’s Ava’s turn to be questioned by Officer Kelsie and she tells her the truth about why she did it. Kelsie then continues her processing and has her change into her jumpsuit before placing her back in the cell with Lisa.

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  • raven12
    I like to see girls cuffed in front, though I prefer the chain cuffs.

  • I have to agree, its the resisting of the full strip search that we look for. Handcuffs are never worn in front these days. besides its way sexier when girls are bound behind their back.

  • Prefer full strip search and more transport restraints or sometimes flexcuffs

  • also not a huge fan of cuffs being in front for such long times. thats been happening a lot too lately

  • Me neither tbh. Hope this doesn't become a recurring thing.

  • Not as big of a fan of the jumpsuits being half worn.
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