Lavender and Mia Transported Part 2
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Lavender and Mia find themselves in a cell together waiting until they can get transported. The guard has them come out and gets them handcuffed and shackled and all ready to go. Come see the last part in this series!

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  • Chr9981
    Update for today?

  • Agree with RonaldB. Not a fan.

  • I agree @ronaldb the clips have been hit and miss. However the one with Lisa and Natalie is one of the best on the site period. These 2 recent ones though are not the best work.

  • The past month or so the videos have been feast or famine. This one is a catastrophic famine. It should have been called Foreign Prison 2 because with the cold and those neck chains you would think it's Siberia. Glad it was mercifully ended after 2 parts.
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