Lavender and Mia Transported Part 1
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Lavender and Mia are brought in and forced to change into their new uniforms. They are then put in the cell and given the option to order something from the commissary. Come see this Part 1 of 2 now!

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  • Id love more pat downs

  • I agree with the comments. WHy not incioproate strip search and pat downs in this sequence? I twould have added to it.

  • I agree with all the complaints mentioned. I suppose the cold justified the shoes rather than the bare feet. No excuse though for no arrest scene and not more cuffs. Must be a custom shoot.

  • Yeah not much here. And to be honest not a fan of the prisoners in shoes with the jump suit. Would love to see prisoners In maybe pink hinged cuffs (maybe cuffed in pink hinged stacked) for once and shackles barefoot.
  • raven12
    Interesting video, but a little light in the "chicks in chains" department.

  • 👎👎👎👎

  • Sorry, but this is a waste of an update. Why no arrest?

  • Not really understanding this one
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