Lauren DUI Arrest Part 3
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Officer Luna finishes Lauren’s processing and gets her into a uniform. Come see the final part of this series now!

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  • @smilzo83 - I'm the opposite: I prefer the two-piece uniforms (but I do agree that Lauren looks great in it).
  • smilzo83_240cf
    I'm not a fan of two-piece uniforms, but Lauren is fine with it !!! :-D

  • I agree Ronald....she looks great in that uniform. This was a good series.
  • ronaldb8179_edcbc
    Good ending. I must say that Lauren fills out the orange and white stripes well, despite those being Clemson colors. She's made it routine to wear short shorts or that itty bitty black dress when she's arrested and wear nice lingerie for the strip search. Lauren has become my favorite Prisonteens jailbird since Summer.
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