Kelsie gets arrested by an undercover cop Pt. 3
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1080p high quality 13 min video of Kelsie at the station. Begins with Kelsie chained to bench waiting for officer Lisa to finish the booking process. Lisa Searches her, takes her mugshot and then gives her an orange prison jumpsuit to wear. Kelsie is then escorted to her cell. After some time in the cell she is escorted to her court date. Judge Persephone sentences her and Officer Lisa escorts her back to the jail

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  • I can't cow the video after download


  • can you have officers and detectives wearing skirts while carrying gun and cuff on their belt? like these:

  • great video. i love when the officer tells her to open wider. Please more thorough mouth searches this month!
  • admin
    thanks @abramovic.lukas

  • Nicely done...
  • admin
    we tested and the link is working ok

  • Link will not allow me to download file
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