Kelsie Arrested for Murder Part 2
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Officer Lisa takes Kelsie down to the station and books her. Kelsie is allowed a phone call before being put into the jail cell. Who do you think she tries to call? After her phone call Kelsie is handcuffed and shackled and brought before a judge to be tried. Officer Lisa escorts Kelsie to the courtroom where the judge delivers her her sentence. Do you think she is guilty? If so, How long do you think she is in prison for? Come watch part 2 of 3!

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  • Hope she gets naked

  • You should do a more thorough search before putting them in the cells also make them remove their shoes before putting them in cells

  • I really like your models and enjoy the videos where they get sentenced and shackled wearing civilian clothes. My only critique is the perp walks while the prisoner is wearing full transport chains are always just a couple of seconds. Would love to see perp walks of the same length you provide during the arrest

  • Love watching kelsie get cuffed! When is the next update?
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