Kaitlynn Day Assault Part 3
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Inmate Kaitlynn Day is forced to strip down completely nude prior to getting her jumpsuit. She is handcuffed while nude and put in the cell. Come see the final part of this series now!

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  • I loved this..................
  • admin
    @ronald, correct they tipped for us to have her nude and cuffed. @kl65Rt4 join the next live show (this Sunday 1pm pacific time zone) and then you can tip and influence the arrest
  • kl65Rt4
    Wish more time, the girl is cuffed nude

  • @smilzo83_240cf Agree 100%. I suppose that since this was a live show they wanted to do more nude time than would be in a pre-recorded video. With that orange jumpsuit and hair and eye makeup, all Kaitlynn needed was orange fingernail and toenail paint and she would be perfect for Head Clemson Cheerleader!
  • smilzo83_240cf
    well finally, really too little time in which the girl is in prison suit
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