Isabella Lynx DUI Part 1
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Isabella Lynx gets handcuffed for the first time ever!! Officer Daisy spots Isabella walking to her car after a wild night. She needs to check in on her to see how she is doing. Come watch this Part 1 now and see Isabella Lynx get handcuffed for the first time!

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  • how do I view the video

  • How do I b

  • Would love to see nikki or lisa arresting isabella for trespassing
  • admin
    the cuffs that were used are common cuffs used at our local police departments. I know from some of the body cam footage that has been shared with us from one of our models that got arrested. Everything we use is realistic. Not all police departments use the same equipment

  • Also what’s up with having the girls always go down on their knees before cuffing them? Also unrealistic and never a good thing imo

  • Love the new model but agree those chains are horrible. You should save that type of stuff for PC and keep this one realistic

  • Should of been pink hinged cuffs. You need a video of those and a girl in jeans and uggs

  • Love Isabella and Daisy. Don't like those handcuffs.
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