Hot Escort Arrested Part 2
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Officer Summer brings Jackie Jupiter to the station to be processed. Come see this part 2 now!

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  • @Arccert1 Spot on with your review. I've previously commented on what I've nicknamed the "self-service fingerprinting" of late. When Summer demanded that Jackie fingerprint herself, Jackie should have replied, "What are you going to do if I don't? Put me in jail?" :D

  • Not a good update in real life no jail would put a chain around a prisoner's neck. A real detention center the officers fingerprint inmates. The boots should have come off and the detainee should have been issued a pair of jail shoes. Also all prisoners should be re searched when entering the jail. Make it like real life

  • Yes, video is working now but this part was another letdown, aside from the new neck cuff. About two minutes of travel time at first with no dialog, boring. I know I've complained on Summer's makeup already, but why would any policewoman wear makeup like that, especially on night shift?
  • KiraAnn
    Sorry about that, it is fixed now!

  • video not working

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  • Not working here either.

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  • video not working
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