Grand Theft Auto Part 1
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Kash Money and Luna Ray land themselves in a hot mess when getting pulled over by Officer Skye. Come see what happens in this Part 1!

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  • These felony stops are so great, having them pull up their shirts really completes the felony stop. Hopfully more felony stops like this soon

  • Only one downside of the stop the officer didn't pat them down before being put in the car
  • ronaldb8179_edcbc
    Kash Money DMd me on Instagram and told me that she was making a new video here. Very good of her so far! Looking forward to the strip searches next part! :D
  • raven12
    I love these felony traffic stop videos and they seem realistic. But wouldn't it be smarter to have both suspects on their knees with their hands behind their heads before cuffing them? Here Skye turns her back on the second suspect and car to walk the first all the way over to a pointless spot. Really good acting from the models.

  • Wish they both got cuffed in hinged and shackled
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