Framed Part 3
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Officer Lisa gets a rude awakening when she herself is handcuffed and forced to put on a jumpsuit to join her inmates in the cell. Come see the last part of this series now!

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  • admin
    @Marcogg Lisa is in black and white at the end of the video! @RonaldB No there is not plans for a continuation unless someone wants to get a custom for that one. and Yes there will be some extra updates soon posted.

  • so are we going to get three updates tomorrow ? or none at all

  • I know that this was made during a live show two weeks ago but is there any plan to make a continuation of the story, perhaps when the sisters have their arraignment?

  • Lisa should of been shackled to and showed off more of her cute blue toes

  • Really sad not to see Lisa wearing the jumpsuit
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