Evey Arrested Part 1
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Officer Luna Lux pays a visit to Attorney Evey’s home to act on a warrant that is out for her arrest. Officer Luna handcuffs Evey and takes her down to the station for processing and questioning. Evey tries to use her knowledge of the law to her advantage. Do you think that will help her? Come see this part 1 of 2!

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  • raven12
    Evey is acting really well trying to talk her way out. I am OK with her being handcuffed in front. But long sleeves are a minus on a handcuff site.

  • I agree when making arrests the handcuffs need to be behind the backnd they need to be tighter

  • Cuffs in front? Are you fucking kidding?

  • Seriously, why the cuffs in front? This one is a huge letdown. Glad it’s only a two parter (which, by the way, should be the normal amount of parts for almost all stories... especially did not like the recent six parter!).

  • Love the watch and hinge hiatus usage. But cuffs in front and long sleeves rnt great
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