Easter Bunny Arrested Pt1
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Persephone has gone a little crazy and thinks she is the Easter bunny and tries to save the other bunnies at the pet store. But that is ILLEGAL behavior so she gets taken into custody and gets to wear Zipties

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  • admin
    I personally just wanted to Ziptie her lol they are more restrictive than the cuffs. and thanks @Chr9981 Happy easter to you too!! and thanks @shupe1da she really is the cutest bunny I have seen as well!

  • I disagree, zip ties are the way to go!

  • metal cuffs would be better

  • Nice

  • The cutist bunny I have ever seen. But, you can't fault her for liberating her fellow bunnies. Go easy on her, Judge.😘 😁
  • Chr9981
    A good video for Easter!! Happy Easter to all!!
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