Daisy Caught Shoplifting
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Daisy is shopping at an art supply store and realizes she doesn’t have money. She thinks she’s sly and puts some paints in her bag, but she didn’t know the store manager was watching her on the cameras. The enraged manager confronts Daisy and detains her small wrists in handcuffs before the police show up. Officer Lisa arrives to escort Daisy back to the station where she is searched and processed into a cell and fed cold nasty prison food.Come watch embarrassed Daisy go to jail for shoplifting!

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  • I mean, the video is great and all, but more than anything I'm amazed that you were able to film in a Michael's in the middle of the day while they were open.

  • Love this one

  • We need more like this way

  • raven12
    Daisy is very brave to be arrested like that in public.

  • Yes, you must have tokens to text the models on Boundlive. In the future, email Pinkcuffsaz@gmail.com for any help or questions.

  • So i have a quick question. Does not really pertain to this site. But on Boundlive does it cost money to text any of the models?
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