Daisy Arrested for Attempted Vehicle Theft Part 1
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Daisy attempts to steal a high end vehicle when police show up in the middle of her endeavor. She is quick to get out of the car and lie to Officer Persephone and Officer Jackie Jupiter about what she is doing. Daisy resists arrest and also tries to run in her handcuffs and shackles. Come watch this snobby princess get what she deserves.

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  • Daisy is so hot!
  • KiraAnn
    Thank you for your comments! We appreciate the feedback and it will be incorporated moving forward. :)

  • agree with advocate, really liked persephone on this one but black cuffs are not the best

  • I agree.. No one seems to like the black cuffs. Not sure y u guys keep using them

  • Pros: two officers (especially Officer Jackie Jupiter), nice storyline, resisting without overdoing it. Cons: black cuffs (again), no guns on the officers, and Jackie's police belt looks sloppy.
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