Charlotte’s Free TV Part 1
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Charlotte gets a voucher in the mail that she won a free TV! When she goes to pick it up she does not get what she is expecting! Come see this Part 1 now!

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  • I love her so much. She is amazing. Hate to be a sore thumb but next full 3 part video with her let’s get her arrested in jeans and flip flops with pink hinged and shackled. Would love that so much. She is awesome

  • @raven12 I agree completely. She took big steps forward on this one. A few more and she might actually get a cocky as Summer. Well, close at least. :) Looking forward to part 2 and seeing her bare naked boobies and her luscious legs and tantalizing toes. :D
  • raven12
    Charlotte is getting more cocky - and I like it.

  • Love Charlotte but when searching a inmate remove the belt shoes jewelry ect before putting them In a cell or on a bench
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