Brittany and Madison Warrants
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Brittany and Madison are at home discussing their day when a knock comes at their door. It’s Officer Jackie Jupiter and she has a warrant for each of the girls. She gets them both handcuffed behind while they attempt to get her to rethink. These girls are ready to give anything to not go to jail. Come see how it goes down!

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  • I aggree with the first commenter, there needs to be a lot more gagging!

  • I don't know what the other commenters are talking about. This was a good video & I hope that there will be a 2 & maybe three. There needs to be more gagging after being handcuffed!!!!!!

  • If Jackie can learn to cuff correctly and wear a gun when she’s playing an officer, she’d be great. I also agree that it’d be nice to see Ziva as a cop.

  • agreed. Jackie is hot and a good cop but shes not great at slapping the cuffs on or making them tight. still fumbling around with them

  • much prefer lisa/persephone or scarlett as cop.. ziva could be great too in my opinion
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