Brielle Woods and Persephone ride in the cop car, persephone gets processed.
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13min 1080p video of Brielle Woods and Persephone being handcuffed and thrown in the cop car. See them get brought into the station and cuffed while waiting to be processed.

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  • Part 3 has indeed gone missing. It's one of my fav vids on the site!

  • Part 3 of this seems to have gone missing off the site.

  • Maybe you could, you know, update your website once in a while

  • Is there an update coming?

  • I love the video. Great shots of the cuffs. Great job

  • I agree with jailboy.. not much going on here and pretty loose cuffs. not a big foot person myself but the video doesn't do much as far as arresting/handuffs either

  • This clip just really doesn't do much for me. It's just the girls riding in a car. There needs to be a bit more to it. They could at least be made to take off their socks and shoes when their first brought in.
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