Brielle Woods and Persephone handcuffed shackled and jailed by policewoman Lisa
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1080p 11min video Brielle Woods is in an Orange jumpsuit Shackles and handcuffed to the table. She was arrested for felony drug charges. Officer Lisa offers her a deal to help capture her boss, Arizonas largest Drug Lord Persephone. Brielle Woods agrees to help officer Lisa capture Persephone in exchange for 2 years in prison instead of 8.

Brielle Woods arranges a meeting with Persephone at a remote location to exchange money and drugs. During the drug deal Persephone notices Brielle Woods is wearing a wire and Persephone tries to run, but its too late Officer Lisa grabs Persephone and puts her in tight hinged cuffs and then puts Brielle Woods back in cuffs as well and escorts the girls to jail.

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  • You should try to get "jadecreatesmfc" she's absolutely jaw-dropping and her getting arrested my life would be complete. Haha peace

  • cuffs are too loose for most of the video... lisa is usually better at that then most. also why does it cut off so quickly to end
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