Bracelet Arrests Part 1
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Officer Lisa goes to the residence of a miss Jackie Jupiter to discuss a bracelet that was stolen from the mall earlier that day. Come see this part 1 now!

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  • KiraAnn
    Update is now posted! I apologize for some of the updates being late recently, but we have not missed any. We are now up to date, with another update coming out tomorrow! Thank you all for your support as we have been navigating upgrading some of our equipment. We are now back on our regular schedule. Thanks!
  • Chr9981
    I hope the update is coming soon

  • @thefelon : You and me, both!

  • Whatever happened to the Sunday , Wednesday, Friday update schedule? Now we’re lucky to get 2 a week . This is getting very frustrating

  • I love to watch Lisa make arrests.

  • @RonaldB - this was actually my custom video.

  • Pardon the blank entry. I hit the enter key accidentally. @magalardo_ce6ad I agree. That was a real life flinch, not acting. I bet Jackie had some choice words for Lisa after that take was done. Good balance of scenes in the front and back of the car.

  • You can see Jackie flinch when Lisa puts the cuff on the second wrist. Officer Lisa must have put them on tight
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