Blondes Arrested Part 1
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Kelsie and Rosey Max are busted when Officer Lisa knocks on their door. The girls try to run and Officer Lisa has to pull her gun. Watch what happens in this Part 1 of 2

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  • kiddoTPA_520a2
    would be better if you make em put their arms straight up, palms out, it doesnt look too much like a surrender scene which is really a vulnerability play
  • cardsfan789745_a0d41
    The handcuffs need to be put on alot tighter on kelsie and especially on Rosie after she is questioned
  • peheh33
    much prefer the silver hinged cuffs
  • tafstan
    I like the black cuffs!
  • palmsout
    more of black cuffs... dunno why this hasn't changed. not sure if anyone likes them but I only see complaints.. pls listen to ur subsribers
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