Bait Car Part 1
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Vehicle theft is at an all time high so the police have set out a bait car in high crime area. Persephone and Lauren thought it was there lucky day when they spotted a fancy new sports car to steal. When they started driving the cops remotely shut off the car and took them into custody and taken to jail. This is the 1080p version streaming only

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  • admin
    The Full 4k version is now posted for sale at
  • admin
    thanks for all the comments! Yes I was really happy with the cast! and really glad we got persephone back as a criminal!
  • raven12
    Great plot and great acting. At one time I understood Persephone to say that she was done with being handcuffed - it is good to see her back in touch with her criminal side!

  • Fun video. Persephone and Lauren are great!

  • Good casting.
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