Aurora Arrested Part 3
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Come see the final part of this series where Officer Ziva administers a full strip search before getting her new inmate into a uniform and locking her up. You don’t want to miss it!

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  • dws9269
    I apologize for the horrible typing job of my previous comments. Looks so unprofessional. Sorry............
  • dws9269
    I watched this again. I loved that the matron was up close and personal with the prisoner and was telign her that she was goign to have a thorough examination as part of the strip search. Great non verbal communition between the two as the prisoner was striped and being serached an looked at Officer Ziva for further instructions. This was great. Loved the acting. What would ahve added more to this would have been the strip search shower/shave that could have been done with her. None-the-less, very well done.
  • dws9269
    THis was great!!!!
  • glick.ba1_f0367
    She needed to have under her tits and all that checked
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