Aurora and Violet Arrested During Shoot Part 2
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Aurora and Violet are taken down to the station for intake. Officer Lisa walks them them through the processing. Come see the last part of this series!

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  • I just messaged Michael on Instagram where he is known as pinkcuffsaz_. He replied promptly with the following message: "We took the weekend off work will be back on top of things with extra updates this week"

  • Is there an update coming soon?

  • Indeed this is most unusual. In all the time I've been I can hardly remember his missing one day of updates, never two. The updates almost always come on the scheduled days, even when holidays fall. No updates on Boundlive either. I wonder what is going on?

  • It’s now been since Sunday since we’ve had an update . 🙄

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  • smilzo83_240cf
    in this video the suits fit perfectly to Violet and Aurora

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