Arrested for Stealing Food
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Jackie Jupiter was desperate for food and followed persephone home from the grocery store. She kidnapped Persephone and tried to steal her food. Officer summer came to persephones rescue and arrested Jackie Jupiter

Also we had several people asking why they could not download the videos. All new videos will be streaming only, we are in difficult times and not sure how much longer we will be able to continue shooting we are already cutting way back, and to make things even more difficult we have certain users who are stealing our content and uploading to other places. We are just trying to survive these difficult times thanks for your understanding and support

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  • So when can we expect the next update?

  • tarazedd calm down. they mentioned in the previous videos that they were doing streaming only for a while because people are stealing the videos. you're probably one of those people
  • raven12
    This was a fun video. And Summer makes a good cop.

  • Mistype, this is a pic set too. Are you changing this site to streaming only? Because that was not mentioned on the main page before subscription, and this is my 4th time subscribed here.

  • I purchased the $40 sub for the download of the quarantine pt 1 and 2 vids. Now this new one downloads, but those ones are still just a 3-picture set. Whats the deal?
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