Amy Wilson Interview
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We interview Amy Wilson on her arrest. She tells us why and how she was arrested (Spoiler: A cop shows up at her door) and about the mean cop who handcuffed her way too tight. She starts off the interview handcuffed to the bench and handcuffed in a waist chain. She also demonstrates having the silver chained handcuffs on behind the back. Come hear her story and why this bad girl spent the night in jail!!

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  • while I liked parts of this clip I must agree with most of the other comments.. interview is same format every time. and u even had the chance to put her in hinge cuffs which she admitted to like but ended the video instead. seems like the focus is more on live ppv content and not subscribers anymore.. and the majority of the old content cant b viewed and is being recycled on been a subscriber for a long time but probably cancelling

  • This clip really doesn't do anything for me. honestly, this is just not good enough with the price we pay for membership. This feels like something that mabey could have been a bonus, but not a regular update.

  • the story is very interesting, I hope to see all the phases of it very soon
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