3 Inmates Part 1
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Officer Lo Valentine has to get two new inmates ready for their sentencing. She gets them all cuffed up for transport and takes them to the car to be taken to court. Come see part 1 now!

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  • tbh the socks with sandals kinda ruins the thing for me

  • @raven12 I was just thinking after your note. This video is called 3 Inmates but there are only 2 so far. Maybe Lo is going to get busted over this and become the third inmate. Also, why was Honey Lemon (That is her name, right?) allowed to keep on her false eyelashes and nails?
  • raven12
    I really like the prisoner transport scenario. The video's highlight is the inmates being chained up. Not a fan of the masks. I hope Officer Lola gets her butt kicked after letting the prisoners half way out of their chains.

  • Admin, the upload has not worked

  • ?
  • Chr9981
    I dont think it uploaded correctly
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