Tina is locked up in the jail cell
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1080p 1min video of Tina locked up in the jail cell while cuffed in front and shackled.

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  • Our videos are typically 3-10 minutes long. We apologize for the length of this video, but sometimes there are technical difficulties and we lose content. We would rather put out a 1 min update than no update at all, we will try to prevent this from happening in the future. Again, we sincerely apologize.

  • Agree w jay

  • updates have been a bit slacking lately. a 1 minute vid? also im all for using the same model but how many more updaates are we going to get of tina lol. plus there nothing wrong with variety but i prefered the original theme of the site. hot girl getting handcuffed and arrested, cuffed behind the back etc.

  • Agree with tightcuf this is ridiculous

  • 1 minute vid... loose cuffs in front... this should b free/bonus update. other sites have previews of vids longer than this

  • I like the new jail cell, but I hope you'll still make them go barefoot at least some of the time, as that was the primary reason I became a member. I know some people prefer shoes because they're more realistic, and that's fine for some updates, but can we at least compromise and have them barefoot some of the time? If all the updates have shoes from now on, I won't be renewing, as the content won't do much for me.
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