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Have had some amazing talented friends help build this from scratch and its finally done!! Curious what you all think? Will be shooting with it tomorrow for the first time. And tomorrows update will be the first one with the new orange and white jumpsuit :)

Just wanted to say thank you to all the loyal members who have helped us get to this point. We listen to all the comments and try our best to keep growing and getting better. Some of the comments have been harsh but we always keep getting better and better. Both myself and my team work extremely hard and countless hours between networking, finding models, editing, exc.

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  • admin
    thanks @Vgore225 and yes we will tightcuf
  • Scarlett Rose
    Thank you! and yes @tightcuf great idea

  • plz cuff them behind tightly thru door w hinged silver cufs

  • Well done, it looks quite authentic.
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