Scarlett Arrested at home by officer Renee Risque SKYPESHOW
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This is from one of our live Skypeshows. 9 min Video of Scarlett Arrested at home by officer Renee Risqué. She is taken to jail, strip searched, forced to wear an orange jumpsuit and then thrown in a jail cell

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  • admin
    @Karn agreed we enjoy our models cuffed! We do strip searches for some of the models (not all are okay wth nudity) As far as jumpsuits we have alot of members that are here just for the jumpsuits so have to keep them happy too!

  • Cuffed girls are hot, that's why I'm here. Especially behind the back with waist belts or chains. But prison jumpsuits just aren't very sexy. I'd like to see a lot more nudity, or at least bikinis!
  • admin
    Glad you like @Shake33... @advocate we shot this video before we purchased the cop car :) will be more cop car scenes included in future video

  • Amazing! We definitely need more of the girls naked in cuffs, waist chains, the cell ext!!!!!!!

  • Great video, the only thing missing was walking her to the car and putting her in the back seat. Renee is actually my favorite officer. Please continue to have her in this role!
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