Renee Risqué Arrested on a warrant 26 min Movie
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Renee Risqué is placed under arrest for a warrant for skipping her last court date from another arrest. She is taken to the station where she is strip searched, put in an orange and white top cuffed and put in the cop car for a 30 min drive. (video beginning and end of 30 min drive, you can see how tired and sweaty she is) Cuffs as tight as they could go in the hot car. Taken to jail and strip searched again and put into an orange jumpsuit

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  • Awesome! Ever do the wrists stacked position with those hinged cuffs?
  • palmsout
    I prefer seatbelt if they are struggling. with this angle I just want to see cuffs as much as possible. great video tho one of the best in a long time. good closeups, tight cuffs, hot model. maybe just don't cuff in front at end and its perfection
  • admin
    @brian_2003_1 We can use the seatbelt next time, im curious how many other people prefer the seatbelt

  • I wish you could use the seatbelt more when they're in the car. :)
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